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Willkommen auf meiner dunklen Seite. Hier gibt es Software für Entwickler und Admins.
Die Software-Beschreibungen sind auch in Deutsch verfügbar. Suche nach dem flag - Symbol.

Welcome to my dark si[d|t]e. It offers some software for developers and administrators.
All software docs are available in English. Look for the flag - symbol.

Highlight logohighlight 3.18

Highlight converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting. Manual ][ Wiki ][ Screenshots ][ Flash animation ][ Chrome NaCl-Demo ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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Highlight News

Version 3.15 supports Lua 5.2.
Version 3.16 supports heredoc string literals for Lisp, Perl, PHP, Ruby and Bash (see End-Of-Session block):
01 #!/bin/bash
03 #  Upload file pair (Filename.lsm, Filename.tar.gz)
04 #+ to incoming directory at Sunsite/UNC (ibiblio.org).
08 if [ -z "$1" ]
09 then
10   echo "Usage: `basename $0` Filename-to-upload"
11   exit $E_ARGERROR
12 fi  
14 Filename=`basename $1`           # Strips pathname out of file name.
16 Server="ibiblio.org"
17 Directory="/incoming/Linux"
19 Password="your.e-mail.address"   # Change above to suit.
21 ftp -n $Server <<End-Of-Session
23 user anonymous "$Password"       #  If this doesn't work, then try:
24                                  #  quote user anonymous "$Password"
25 binary
26 bell                             # Ring 'bell' after each file transfer.
27 cd $Directory
28 put "$Filename.lsm"
29 put "$Filename.tar.gz"
30 bye
31 End-Of-Session
33 exit 0 

Ansifilter Logoansifilter 1.7

Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes. Manual with Screenshots ][ Download
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Unipair 0.1

Unipair pairs wireless Logitech® USB devices with a Unifying receiver.
The receiver is searched automatically, and newly connected devices are listed.

Manual ][ Download
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RPi.GPIO.Lua provides a Lua module to control the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi.
It offers the API of the RPi.GPIO Python module for Lua.

Manual ][ Download
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