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Welcome to my dark si[d|t]e. It offers some software for developers and administrators.

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am 11. Juni 2016 an der Hochschule Trier!

Bei der Erstellung dieser Inhalte entstandene Aggressionen wurden sozialverträglich abgebaut.

Highlight logoHighlight 3.27

Highlight converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting. Manual ][ Wiki ][ Screenshots ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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Test the new code folding plugin (outhtml_codefold.lua) for HTML output:
01 unsigned int ackermann(unsigned int m, unsigned int n) {
02     calls++;
03     while (m != 0) {
04         if (n == 0) {
05             n = 1;
06         } else {
07             n = ackermann(m, n - 1);
08         }
09         m--;
10     }
11     return n + 1;
12 }
Code Folding works with "curly braces" languages like C, C#, Java, Rust, Javascript or Ceylon.
The feature is implemented with 50 LOC Javascript and a bit of CSS (no third party dependencies).
Check out other new HTML plugins like mark_lines, outhtml_add_shadow or outhtml_add_background_svg.
Consumer mentality Amazon style: You download some stuff, play with it for five minutes and something does not fit right. Instead of moving next, requesting or even fixing it (to share, wasn't that somehow possible with OSS?) you write some bad ra(n)ting to document your "requirements" (and your lazyness) and think you'd be a super smart guy.
Whatever, here is the file of eminent importance.

MikroLock LogoMikroLock 1.0

MikroLock reads and writes encrypted miniLock files. Manual ][ Screenshots ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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Ansifilter LogoAnsifilter 1.15

Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes. Manual with screenshots ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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