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Welcome to my dark si[d|t]e. It offers some software for developers, administrators and the others.

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am 11. Juni 2016 an der Hochschule Trier!

Bei der Erstellung dieser Inhalte entstandene Aggressionen wurden sozialverträglich abgebaut.

Highlight logoHighlight 3.27

Highlight converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting. Manual ][ Wiki ][ Screenshots ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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Highlight News

Test the new code folding plugin (outhtml_codefold.lua) for HTML output:
01 unsigned int ackermann(unsigned int m, unsigned int n) {
02     calls++;
03     while (m != 0) {
04         if (n == 0) {
05             n = 1;
06         } else {
07             n = ackermann(m, n - 1);
08         }
09         m--;
10     }
11     return n + 1;
12 }
Code Folding works with "curly braces" languages like C, C#, Java, Rust, Javascript or Ceylon.
The feature is implemented with 50 LOC Javascript and a bit of CSS (no third party dependencies).
Check out other new HTML plugins like mark_lines, outhtml_add_shadow or outhtml_add_background_svg.
A modified version of this plug-in is deployed on fossies.org.

MikroLock LogoMikroLock 1.0

MikroLock reads and writes encrypted miniLock files. Manual ][ Screenshots ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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Ansifilter LogoAnsifilter 1.15

Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes. Manual with screenshots ][ ChangeLog ][ Download
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