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Unipair documentation

Unipair documentation

This small utility sets the Logitech® Unifying Receiver into the "pairing mode", that means it will look for new wireless Logitech® input devices to remember them next time they are switched on. A receiver can manage up to six devices - but a device can only be assigned to a single receiver. Using this feature saves rare USB ports.

There is no need to "unpair" a device - in case you want to use an other receiver, just pair the device with it.

unipair will automatically search the receiver and ask you to connect a device. After connecting, it will wait for the new USB device to appear in your system:

sudo ./unipair
Searching for the Logitech Receiver...
Found USB Receiver: /dev/hidraw1
Switch your device OFF and press ENTER to continue.

Waiting -  switch your device ON or press CTRL+C to exit.
Detected new device
Node: /dev/hidraw4
Subsystem: hidraw

After succesfull pairing your device is ready for use.

In case you know which hidraw device is assigned to your receiver, you can define it as parameter. But normally you should rely on the search feature.

Tested devices:


In case you want to reassign devices to an other receiver, unplug the old receiver. This may seem a silly advice but pairing is not possible when the old receiver is still available (it is wireless!).

The receiver will not wait forever after it is set to pairing mode - in case your device is not accepted please try again (and hurry up switching it ON).


unipair-0.1.tar.bz2 (16 KB)

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