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Highlight documentation


Package contents

root of highlight-x.x
|-- examples            # examples for highlight scripting
|   |-- web_plugins     # plugins for various web toolkits
|   |-- tcl             # TCL extension
|   `-- swig            # SWIG interface and sample code
|-- gui_files           # supporting files for the optional GUI
|   |-- ext             # file open filter configuration
|   `-- l10n            # GUI translations
|-- langDefs            # language definitions (*.lang)
|-- man                 # man page
|-- plugins             # plug-in scripts (*.lua)
|-- src                 # source code
|   |-- cli             # command line interface code
|   |-- core            # highlight core code (builds the library)
|   |   |-- astyle      # Artistic Style code
|   |   `-- Diliculum   # Diliculum code
|   `-- gui-qt          # optional GUI code
|   `-- include         # Header files
|   |   |-- astyle      # Artistic Style headers
|   |   `-- Diliculum   # Diliculum headers
`-- themes              # color themes (*.theme)

AUTHORS                 # contributors of code and patches
ChangeLog               # list of changes
COPYING                 # license
filetypes.conf          # file type extension configuration
highlight.desktop       # desktop integration of optional GUI
INSTALL                 # this file
makefile                # basic makefile
README                  # user manual
README_DE               # German user manual
README_LANGLIST         # list of supported languages
README_REGEX            # regular expression manual
TODO                    # just ideas, no plans


In order to compile highlight, you need to install Lua5.x (devel package) and Boost (at least the header files).
The optional GUI requires Qt.

Installation of the source package

  1. tar xjf highlight-x.x-x.tar.bz2
  2. cd highlight-x.x-x
  3. make help
  4. make
    make gui (optional, to compile the Qt GUI)
  5. make install
    (depending on your installation destination, you need to be root)
  6. make clean (optional)
  7. Follow these hints to compile highlight on Windows.

Highlight's default data directory is /usr/share/highlight.
You may alter this directory at compile time or at run time:

Lazy pointer issue under MacOS X

Stripping the highlight binary causes program termination at runtime:

dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: lazy pointer not found
dyld: lazy pointer not found
Trace/BPT trap

To avoid this issue, edit the makefile to not strip the binary after linkage (see src/makefile, LDFLAGS variable).

Static linking (to run highlight as service)

If highlight cannot be run as service because of shared linkage, link it with the -static option (see src/makefile, LDFLAGS variable).

Linux Mint

There is a system script called highlight which is located in a preferenced path:

mintsystem provides: /usr/local/bin/highlight
 highlight provides: /usr/bin/highlight

See bug tracker items: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/593583 and

Installation instructions for Windows

Start setup program and follow the instructions.